Tea Collection’s destination USA!

So excited to announce the newest destination for Tea Collection! They are staying home in the USA the whole year of 2018, to celebrate the different cultures that make our country so unique! Check out Tea’s blog to learn more about their journey, the inspiration behind their Spring designs, and their collaboration with Native American artists.  http://blog.teacollection.com/

This spring their designs are focusing on the the south east area of the United States, from Florida to the bayous of Louisiana, and the rich cultures of the “Cuban and French Creole communities”.  Then in the summer they will be visiting the coastal communities of California & Hawaii, as well as the rich native american cultures of the Southwest.  In Fall they will focus their designs on the Northeast, including the New England coastal communities and the Big City life.  Finally in winter, their designs will include the Midwest, the Great Plains, and of course the GREAT Pacific Northwest!

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