So many science experiments…..

My boys each got a Glow in the Dark Lab for Christmas.  These kits are made by Smart Lab Toys, and I am really impressed with the amount of experiments you get in one kit for only $25.  Also, the lab book it comes with is really well thought out with great graphics and easy to follow instructions, as well as info on the science behind each experiment.  There are 20 projects in the book, and many of them can be done over again.  You do need some extra ingredients, which are more than likely already in your pantry, with the exception of a few.  The lab equipment it comes with is plastic, but should last for awhile, so that we can do the experiments over again.

The package says it is for kids 7 years and older.  Brayden just turned 6 years old and I definitely needed to help him.  Austin just turned 1o and probably could have done it by himself if I gathered all the ingredients for him.  It was a great learning experience for both of them on different levels.  It was nice that Austin could read the directions out loud and do some math with measurements.  They both had a lot of fun, and I am sure will continue to as we use the kit over & over again.

These are the experiments included in the book & kit:

  • Glow-water
  • Invisible glow-ink
  • Glotion
  • Glow stick luminescer
  • Ooey-glowy oobleck
  • Glowing slime
  • Glowing putty ball
  • Bouncy glow ball
  • Glow dough
  • Glowing double volcanoes
  • Shining stars
  • Glowing crystals
  • Glow-geode
  • Glowing geyser
  • Glowing growing jelly balls
  • Glow snow
  • Glow creatures
  • Glowing lava lamp
  • Glowing color waves
  • Alien blood

Some of the ingredients you need in addition to what is included are: water, food coloring,  flour, salt, baking soda, cornstarch, unflavored gelatin, corn syrup, vegetable oil, vinegar, eggs & egg carton, mint mentos candy, alka-seltzer, alum and borax

You will also need a few basic supplies from your home, including measuring spoons & cups, clear plastic cup, plastic bags, wax & regular paper, white glue, scissors, paintbrush or cotton swab and lotion.

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