Christmas favorites from Dungeness Kids!

The star has now been taken down from on top of the Christmas Tree and the tinsel gently stored. The kids in their matching Hatley Christmas jammies tried their darnedest to keep their eyes open until the clock turned 12 on New Year’s Eve, but these sleepy heads (including me) couldn’t keep from hitting the pillow, and floating off to Never, Never Land a minute too soon. Now with 2017 upon us, it is back to our daily routine, as normal as that can possibly be for this grandma raising my 1 & 3 year old grandsons. Breakfast, preschool, work, dinner, & baths sums up our day. But before bedtime, I let the boys play with some of the gifts Santa left under the Christmas Tree! For Rory, Santa choose Melissa and Doug’s “Chimes, Whistles & Jingles,” a box filled with wooden percussion instruments. Even at 18 months, Rory is showing signs of being musically inclined. He loves to sit at the piano and make lots of noise! So the bells and whistles was the perfect gift for him to explore his inner Mozart. The first instrument he grabbed out of the box was the wooden train whistle: “Whoo! Whoo! All Aboard!!” For 3 year-old Isaac, who loves helping Gramma in the kitchen (especially making pancakes), Santa brought Melissa and Doug’s “Pots and Pans Set” and the wooden “Food Groups Set.” In this age of plastic goods, I personally love that these toys are made out of quality wood that will last for the next generation to come. I still have my wooden play kitchen stove and sink from 50 years ago that my children played with and now my grandchildren are using to hone their imaginations in becoming the next Top Chef. I will definitely be adding to the boys collection of Melissa and Doug toys! My thanks to Susan for providing such great educational toys for us out here on the Olympic Peninsula. My boys are proud to be #dungenesskids!


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