Learning to read with BOB books.

Brayden is in Kindergarten now, and will be turning 6 years old in the next couple weeks.  My baby is growing up way too fast!  It seems like yesterday that I brought him into work with me, just a few days after getting released from the hospital.  Man those were crazy times, LOL.

Well anyways, we just had teacher conferences, and his teacher said he needed a little help with his early reading skills.  I knew just the thing.  We had Set 1 of BOB books at the store, so I grabbed the box, and we started reading them this weekend.  The first book starts with phonics of just four letters, and very simple 3 letter words.  The first four letters were M, A, S, and T, which also happen to be some of the first letters he has been learning at school.  The words are repeated over & over, so he can get comfortable seeing the word and knowing exactly what it should sound like.  The stories and pictures were funny, so Brayden had fun reading them.  There are 12 books in this first set and by the last book they have been introduced to the phonics of each letter in the alphabet.

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