A great boredom buster.

Brayden has been spending a lot of time with me at the store since school got out, and it is often a struggle to balance activities for him with screen time.  Obviously, running the store, I don’t have a lot of quality time to spend with him, so unfortunately I resort to screen time too often.  Yesterday was a long 8 hour day, and I did not want him to have THAT much screen time.  So, after he did some “dusting” I let him have the new Melissa & Doug 3D pirate puzzle to put together.  It was a great activity that kept him interested and busy for quite some time.  He is only 5 years old, and the 3D puzzle says it is for a 6+ year old child.  So, he did need my help, but he was able to do a lot more than I expected by himself.  First I had him punch out all of the pieces, which came out easily.  Then he and I worked together to fit the pieces.  It came with great instructions, that an older child could have easily followed, but since I helped him put it together I really did not even look at them.  It was very self explanatory.  Each piece was number and had the coordinating piece numbered so you could easily follow where they all went.  It was a great activity for him to search for and recognize his numbers, as he is entering kindergarten this fall.  There were a couple times we had to take something apart to add a piece we forgot.  Had we followed the directions I am sure that wouldn’t have happened, but we are not very good rule followers, LOL.  Brayden has also really enjoyed playing with the pirate ship now that it is built.  It comes with several little pirates, some moveable cannons, a lifeboat and an island that are great for imaginative play.  In addition to the pirate ship, Melissa & Doug have a Medieval Castle, a Pink Palace, and a Pretty Purple Dollhouse 3D puzzles.

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