Sprinkler fun with a twist.

One of the simple joys of summer is running through the sprinkler.  It helps to keep the kids cool on hot days and gives your lawn a good sprinkle, helping to keep it green.

We have two super cute sprinklers at Dungeness Kids right now.  My daughter being the sparkly pink all things “cute” girl, wanted the “Pretty Petal” sprinkler by Melissa & Doug.  She had so much fun on those hot days in May, she has wanted to run through the pretty petals on the cool days of June as well😀.

I always like to intentionally incorporate learning with play, but this time it was my husband that made up a fun game for Emma to help her brave the cold water.  We call it the “Sprinkle the Alphabet” game.  We toss plastic letters around the sprinkler and then call out letters for her to grab.  She tries to stay as dry as possible, but has lots of fun getting wet too.  This helps to reinforce the letters she learned last year in preschool before she heads off to kindergarten this fall.

The sprinkler is easy to attach and remove from our hose and has about a 10ft radius.

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