Outdoor Fun.

It’s been a beautiful spring around here! With all the sunshine and extended daylight, we’ve been spending so much time outside! April and May have been all about the garden, which is a super exciting project with the kids! Planting, watering, weeding, and lots of dirty toes! The Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Pretty Petals Watering Can was such a fun find for my almost-3 year old! She’s gotten very good at watering “her” plants each day as the can is super light, just perfect for her to lift, even full of water! She’s also made a pot of dirt-soup inside of it! Yum!


While she loves being outside and helping, sometimes I’m working longer than she thinks is fun, so we’ve gotten lots of other outside activities to play around with.

Bubbles have always been her favorite outdoor, and on very special and busy afternoons, indoor activity! We’ve tried so many different wands and even a couple electric bubble machines. But it’s always more fun to do it yourself; especially when 2 is turning into 3 and a favorite phrase is “I can do it myself!”

The Bollie Bubble Set from Melissa & Doug has been a blast! Addie is able to wave the lightweight wand herself and found that running with it worked even better than blowing! We’ve been spending the warm evenings outside chasing bubbles this week, and I think as the weather continues to heat up, we’ll be doing more and more of this! I can’t wait! Happy Spring!

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