Time for Tea.

Children learn through play.  That is something I have heard my mother say often.  She is a former Early Childhood educator and definitely filled my early years with lots of learning through play.  Thank you Mom! So I was inspired last year by a video game where Daniel Tiger hosted a virtual tea party, to teach manners.

What a great idea, to practice over and over, please, thank you, and giving compliments to the hostess, etc.  How to think of conversation starters and answer questions… brilliant, learning manners through play.  So I was excited to purchase a Green Toys Tea Set from Dungeness Kids, that way my daughter and I could have a “real” tea party having fun while learning good manners and polite chit chat (which I have a difficult time with, so it is good practice for me too.)

Now for the product “bonus” features:  because my daughter insists on using real food, hands down my favorite part of the tea set is that it can go in the dishwasher.  Yay!   The tea set is also safe (no BPA) and environmentally friendly (made out of recycled milk jugs) and made in the USA. We’ve had the tea set for about a year now and I haven’t seen any signs of wear and tear. Thank you Mom and Dungeness Kids for helping my daughter (and I) to learn through play.

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