Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House! Wash, Dry & Iron

Laundry, it never ends!  Day after day, it keeps on coming.  Some may find it therapeutic and satisfying as they work the task of doing the laundry into their schedules.  I usually find it overwhelming, I am never finished with the task, there is always more to wash!!!

All this to say, I was surprised that my daughter wanted the Melissa & Doug “Let’s Play House: Wash, Dry & Iron Set”.  Who wants to do laundry?  My four year old daughter of course!  She just loves washing all of her baby diapers and then pressing them with the iron, putting them in the little laundry basket and then carrying them to the drawer to put it all away ( and then start all over again!).  This play set even comes with a checklist, which she loves to use, checking off each step along the way as she completes the task.
I thought it was really great that Melissa & Doug included little clothing items that wrinkle up and then can be pressed out with the iron that came with the set, I don’t know how it works, but it’s pretty cool that it does.  I would definitely recommend this set to a friend, it is sturdy, educational and even though I don’t find laundry fun to do, my daughter sure enjoys it!

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