Melissa & Doug Scissor Skills

As a preschool teacher and mother, I know the importance of teaching fine motor skills to my daughter and students. Melissa & Doug have created  fun cutting pages for your kids to practice these skills with. Each page is bright and colorful with a creative picture on it. The pages start with basic straight cutting lines and progress to more difficult cutting lines like zig zags and spirals. The added bonus is the pack comes with a pair of scissors that will only cut the paper!! Learning how to hold and cut with a pair of scissors can be nerve wrecking as a parent,  but with this product I knew my daughter was safe and would not hurt herself. If you are looking for a product that is safe, fun and will help teach fine motor skills this is the product for you. My daughter loved this product and kept her busy at work for almost 45 minutes!


Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House! Wash, Dry & Iron

Laundry, it never ends!  Day after day, it keeps on coming.  Some may find it therapeutic and satisfying as they work the task of doing the laundry into their schedules.  I usually find it overwhelming, I am never finished with the task, there is always more to wash!!!

All this to say, I was surprised that my daughter wanted the Melissa & Doug “Let’s Play House: Wash, Dry & Iron Set”.  Who wants to do laundry?  My four year old daughter of course!  She just loves washing all of her baby diapers and then pressing them with the iron, putting them in the little laundry basket and then carrying them to the drawer to put it all away ( and then start all over again!).  This play set even comes with a checklist, which she loves to use, checking off each step along the way as she completes the task.
I thought it was really great that Melissa & Doug included little clothing items that wrinkle up and then can be pressed out with the iron that came with the set, I don’t know how it works, but it’s pretty cool that it does.  I would definitely recommend this set to a friend, it is sturdy, educational and even though I don’t find laundry fun to do, my daughter sure enjoys it!

Quality Spring Fashion at Dungeness Kids

Spring has officially sprung in Sequim!  And Dungeness Kids Company has so many cute spring and summer clothes in stock.  This is Violet’s new favorite outfit.  The “Tea” denim like pedal pushers pair perfectly with this “Roxy” tee-shirt.  The color of the pedal pushers is called “bubblegum” and I find it cheery and bright.  It’s my personal favorite color of the season and can be found in many of our new items.  Because this is Violet’s favorite outfit, she has worn it everywhere…school, the city, the beach, the park.  Each time these items of clothing go in the washing machine I am convinced some of the spots will remain.  But, every time I pull them out of the dryer, they look brand new.  That’s what you get with this high quality cotton.  It wears well and washes well.  The old adage is true…you get what you pay for.  👍

Traveling with kids……

We get asked a lot for ideas of things to pack when traveling with kids.  My boys & I are headed to California to visit family for spring break, so I thought I would take the opportunity to show you what I am packing for them for the airplane.  They are 5 and 9 years old now, so it has changed quite a bit over the years.  Plus, when traveling on an airplane with other people around, you have to be a little more diligent.

First, I always pack chewy snacks to combat ear pain during pressure changes.  Also, it always seems like my kids are starving the minute we get on the plane, before the attendant has come around for snacks.  Make sure you pack extra napkins/tissues, because invariably something will get spilled or hands will get messy, and the 1 napkin they give you is never enough.  I have also finally learned to bring our own headphones, after a couple times of having to pay way too much money for cheap earphones.

My 9 year old is relatively easy.  He will probably spend most of his time watching the JetBlue in-flight TV or reading his Harry Potter book.  I am also bringing his Harry Potter coloring book and colored pencils, a Melissa & Doug Secret Decoder activity book, plus some Melissa & Doug pop-up mini posters that both kids can share.  He has been studying Ancient Civilizations in school so I am also throwing in an Ancient Egypt sticker book by DK Publishing.  We have a 2 1/2 hour drive to the airport, and have to wait 2 hours at the airport for the 2 1/2 hour flight, that is a total of 7 hours of traveling.  I want to make sure he has plenty of activities to suggest when he starts complaining about being bored, LOL.

The activities I am bringing for my 5 year old, include the Melissa & Doug Make a Face sticker pad.  It is a little big for most toddler sized backpacks, but it does (barely) fit in his larger backpack.  It is a fun activity that both kids enjoy and is not messy.  I am also bringing him a Harry Potter coloring book because he wanted one just like his brother.  He is still in preschool, but will be starting Kindergarten in September, so I have been trying to give him lots of activities to get prepared.  He loves dinosaurs, so I have a Dino-dot-to-dot to help him learn numbers, washable markers, a Melissa & Doug Water WOW alphabet writing pad, and a Melissa & Doug stamp activity pad.  Lastly, I have his Leap Pad filled with lots of learning games.

Hope these ideas help you prepare for your next trip with kids.  Before summer I will post some ideas for younger kids, and maybe even some fun tricks for road trips in a car.