Melissa & Doug learning mats

How cool is a placemat that teaches your kids letters and phonics!? This has become a favorite spot to eat, a fun and quiet thing to do while baby brother is sleeping, and it’s super practical! Although it has an age of 4+, my 2 ½ year old daughter really loves it! She’s always liked the alphabet so anything to do with letters is usually a win, but this fun, colorful mat gives her the opportunity to not only trace all the lowercase letters, but to also learn the sounds that each one makes. We’ve started to memorize the vowels because the mat separates them, giving both the short and long sounds for each.

We’ve been using two Melissa & Doug products to color on the mat, Learning Mat Crayons and Dry-Erase Markers. We’ve preferred the markers by far! They wash off so quickly and easily, requiring water only if they have been left on for over an hour. If we clean it right away, a dry Kleenex or towel works perfectly!

I’ve found that with a toddler who has a limited attention span, having something fun and bright like this mat to color on, eat on, spark imagination and questions provides such a head-start before phonics and reading become daily schooling.


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