Tea Collection’s destination USA!

So excited to announce the newest destination for Tea Collection! They are staying home in the USA the whole year of 2018, to celebrate the different cultures that make our country so unique! Check out Tea’s blog to learn more about their journey, the inspiration behind their Spring designs, and their collaboration with Native American artists.  http://blog.teacollection.com/

This spring their designs are focusing on the the south east area of the United States, from Florida to the bayous of Louisiana, and the rich cultures of the “Cuban and French Creole communities”.  Then in the summer they will be visiting the coastal communities of California & Hawaii, as well as the rich native american cultures of the Southwest.  In Fall they will focus their designs on the Northeast, including the New England coastal communities and the Big City life.  Finally in winter, their designs will include the Midwest, the Great Plains, and of course the GREAT Pacific Northwest!

Protect your family with ThinkBaby sunscreen.

We started carrying ThinkBaby and ThinkSport sunscreen this spring and I LOVE it!  The ThinkBaby mission is to provide safe, functional & sustainable products to consumers.  Who can’t get behind that mission?  Their ThinkBaby & ThinkSport sunscreen is made in the USA, free of biologically harmful chemicals, has the highest level of SPF 50+ and broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection, water-resistant, gluten free, and not tested on animals.  Not only is all that goodness important, but it is not greasy, and feels good on your skin after you put it on.  You actually feel cooler in the sun, and feel it protecting you from the rays.  I also love the face stick for the kiddos so you are not getting runny sunscreen in their eyes when they are wiggling around.  Here are some before & after pics of Brayden after I applied the face stick at the beach.

MagneticMe by Magnificent Baby

Being a mom of one, I thought I was getting things down pretty good and our routine was set. Then I gave birth to my son in January and that simple routine went out the window!! My daughter had just turned four and life seemed to run pretty smoothly. When my son was born, I had to re-learn how to take care of a newborn all over again!! After four years, you forget has tedious things can be with a new born, even down to all the snaps on clothing. So, I tried this new brand of clothing called smart close by magnificent baby and boy does it make getting my son dressed a lot easier and faster!! Especially in the middle of the night when he needs a diaper change and I’m half asleep!!! This brand has replaced the snaps with magnets. I thought at first it would be weird and cold for that matter to have magnets on my babies clothing but I was wrong. The magnets are sewn into the fabric, which I forgot to mention is so soft and breathable, and you wouldn’t even know they were there by the looks of it. I loved this outfit so much, my only complaint would be my infant grew out of it too quickly!! I would recommend this brand to all my fellow newborn mommies who do several diapers changes throughout the day and night!! Go pick up a smart magnet outfit at Dungeness kids today!!

Watch this clip from the Magnetic Me Facebook page to see how easy it is yourself:

Tea Collection’s “Destination Scotland”

This fall & winter Tea Collection will be bringing you designs from their trip to Scotland. They traveled the Scottish countryside, from highlands to islands. They visited seaside villages and searched for Scotland’s infamous mystical creatures. They even looked for Nessie at the Loch Ness lake.  Come into Dungeness Kids to see all this and more, in the whimsical clothing they designed for your kiddos this season.

Check out their inspiration video from their Tea Collection facebook page:

Tea Collection’s “Destination Australia”

So excited to share that Tea Collection’s spring line is in store, and this season is “Destination Australia”.  This first delivery, that we received this week, is inspired by the Great Ocean Road which stretches 151 miles along Australia’s south-eastern coast, between the cities of Melbourne & Adelaide.  The Great Ocean Road is “the country’s most treasured coastal route”, and is “home to small seaside towns, world class surfing breaks and fern gully forest”.  I had the pleasure of travelling extensively in this area myself over a decade ago (before kids, LOL), and it was one of the most memorable times of my life.  This season’s destination, holds a special place in my heart, and I hope you love it as much as I do!

So many science experiments…..

My boys each got a Glow in the Dark Lab for Christmas.  These kits are made by Smart Lab Toys, and I am really impressed with the amount of experiments you get in one kit for only $25.  Also, the lab book it comes with is really well thought out with great graphics and easy to follow instructions, as well as info on the science behind each experiment.  There are 20 projects in the book, and many of them can be done over again.  You do need some extra ingredients, which are more than likely already in your pantry, with the exception of a few.  The lab equipment it comes with is plastic, but should last for awhile, so that we can do the experiments over again.

The package says it is for kids 7 years and older.  Brayden just turned 6 years old and I definitely needed to help him.  Austin just turned 1o and probably could have done it by himself if I gathered all the ingredients for him.  It was a great learning experience for both of them on different levels.  It was nice that Austin could read the directions out loud and do some math with measurements.  They both had a lot of fun, and I am sure will continue to as we use the kit over & over again.

These are the experiments included in the book & kit:

  • Glow-water
  • Invisible glow-ink
  • Glotion
  • Glow stick luminescer
  • Ooey-glowy oobleck
  • Glowing slime
  • Glowing putty ball
  • Bouncy glow ball
  • Glow dough
  • Glowing double volcanoes
  • Shining stars
  • Glowing crystals
  • Glow-geode
  • Glowing geyser
  • Glowing growing jelly balls
  • Glow snow
  • Glow creatures
  • Glowing lava lamp
  • Glowing color waves
  • Alien blood

Some of the ingredients you need in addition to what is included are: water, food coloring,  flour, salt, baking soda, cornstarch, unflavored gelatin, corn syrup, vegetable oil, vinegar, eggs & egg carton, mint mentos candy, alka-seltzer, alum and borax

You will also need a few basic supplies from your home, including measuring spoons & cups, clear plastic cup, plastic bags, wax & regular paper, white glue, scissors, paintbrush or cotton swab and lotion.

Christmas favorites from Dungeness Kids!

The star has now been taken down from on top of the Christmas Tree and the tinsel gently stored. The kids in their matching Hatley Christmas jammies tried their darnedest to keep their eyes open until the clock turned 12 on New Year’s Eve, but these sleepy heads (including me) couldn’t keep from hitting the pillow, and floating off to Never, Never Land a minute too soon. Now with 2017 upon us, it is back to our daily routine, as normal as that can possibly be for this grandma raising my 1 & 3 year old grandsons. Breakfast, preschool, work, dinner, & baths sums up our day. But before bedtime, I let the boys play with some of the gifts Santa left under the Christmas Tree! For Rory, Santa choose Melissa and Doug’s “Chimes, Whistles & Jingles,” a box filled with wooden percussion instruments. Even at 18 months, Rory is showing signs of being musically inclined. He loves to sit at the piano and make lots of noise! So the bells and whistles was the perfect gift for him to explore his inner Mozart. The first instrument he grabbed out of the box was the wooden train whistle: “Whoo! Whoo! All Aboard!!” For 3 year-old Isaac, who loves helping Gramma in the kitchen (especially making pancakes), Santa brought Melissa and Doug’s “Pots and Pans Set” and the wooden “Food Groups Set.” In this age of plastic goods, I personally love that these toys are made out of quality wood that will last for the next generation to come. I still have my wooden play kitchen stove and sink from 50 years ago that my children played with and now my grandchildren are using to hone their imaginations in becoming the next Top Chef. I will definitely be adding to the boys collection of Melissa and Doug toys! My thanks to Susan for providing such great educational toys for us out here on the Olympic Peninsula. My boys are proud to be #dungenesskids!


See Kai Run waterproof boots

I recently tried a new brand of shoes for my 3 year old daughter. See Kai Run waterproof boots are not only cute but functional and durable. Toddlers can be very rough on shoes and  my sweet little girl likes to run around a lot . These shoes keep her feet dry from water and mud puddles, they are easy to clean and do not scuff easily. I think my favorite part about these boots is my daughter can put them on herself without any problems and can zip them up without frustrations. She is very proud of herself to be able to zip these boots up !! These boots go with anything from jeans and leggings to tights with skirts. If you are looking for a well made shoe that will last, I would recommend these See Kai Run waterproof boots!! 

For the love of Christmas….

Christmas is such a magical time, that brings out the child in all of us.  Just this morning I snuggled up on the couch in the dark, before the kids got up, absorbing the beauty of the lights on our Christmas tree.  So quite, and magical.  You can almost feel Santa there with you.

Now, it’s time to pass on that magic to your kids and grand kids.  Decorating your own tree, and baking cookies for family, friends and Santa Clause.  Snuggling up with them in their Christmas PJ’s reading their favorite Christmas story.  What are some of your favorite family traditions?

Gift ideas for your li’l miss crafter.

We have all this, and so much more, too! Come into the store and let us help you find the perfect gift. #dungenesskidswishlist #giftguide #gettingcrafty

The Joy of Origami book: $16.95

Kids Knit book: $9.95

Origami Paper: $4.99

Decorate your own jewelry box: $12.99

Paint your own pendant jewelry: $4.99

Weaving loom: $29.99

Butterfly Friends wooden bead set: $9.99

Mess-free Sand dolphin box: $7.99

Alphabet stamp set: $19.99

Sew Mini Treats: $21.99

Mini Pom-Pom Pets: $19.99

Make Paper Lantern Animals: $19.99

Felted Friends: $19.99